Episode 1: We meet professional gamers, Amna Raad (MOKI) and Syed Hashem Ahmed (Tekken Master) to give us more background on making a career out of playing video games, what this society was like in its early years, and how they are perceived in Arab society, especially if you are a woman.

Episode 2: In the second episode of the LVL UP series, we meet professional gamer and coach Kevin from Lebanon to tell us about his passion for his work and give us a background on the challenges he faced in his journey to evolve from a player to a professional coach. Also in the episode, we meet Somaya Awad, known as Sumi Cosplay from the UAE, to tell us about what attracted her to Japanese culture and how she turned her love of acting into a love of cosplay and then becoming her profession.

Episode 3: Pursuing an important job or a higher degree doesn’t mean leaving your love and passion for gaming aside. In the third episode of the LVL UP series, we meet Thamer, aka XZIT, a gamer and streamer who chose to create content about games rather than work a regular job. We also meet Mazen Al-Sharif, a psychiatrist in the morning and Gamer in the evening, and Omar, aka Maru, a Sertimer and Cos Player who decided to take gaming seriously after he graduated from college. The episode also features Dr. Hamed, who is the Managing Director of BMW in the Middle East, to tell us how he balances his career with his passion for gaming.

LVL UP is a new series through which we discover the lives of video gamers in the Arab world.

Client: Vice Arabia x BMW
Director: Michael James Murray
Editor/Sound Design: Sarah Krusen